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Project Description

SPN is SharePoint solution that can be install on Server and Foundation version of SharePoint and also in some future version it will be available to Office365. For now solution has some of basic functionalities that allows you to accept subscribers, compose Rich Html newsletters, send them to all or group of subscribers.

HowTo install solution

1. Download WSP file

2. Add solution to SharePoint server

3. Deploy solution to web application

4. On root web site go to Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Under "Site Collection Administration" select link "Site Collection Features" -> find SharePoint Newsletter and activate.
(this will install content types, web parts and other related site level components)

5. On web site go to Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Under "Site Actions" select link "Manage Site Features" -> find SharePoint Newsletter and activate.
(this will install List Instance for Newsletter list and Subscriber list, so no need for manual setup)

6. On webpage place webpart "Subscriber" from group "SPN", after that you need to set property under "NSP - Settings" section with name "WebUrl" so webpart knows on which subsite is activated feature. For example if you activat feature on http://yoursite/subweb/ you need to put /subweb/ in web part property. Using this information, webpart will know where to find lists for Subscribers and Newsletters.

7. On second page place web part "Confirmation" from group "SPN", and save page. You will also need to setup WebUrl property.

8. Go to Site Action -> Site Settings -> Under "SharePoint Newsletter" group, select Settings and insert all required fields.

Now, your ready to use it.

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